Yes. Please see: [s2If /] Simple Shortcode Conditionals

Quick Overview; Content Restriction + Simple Shortcode Conditionals

s2Member makes it very easy to protect entire Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, URIs, etc. This can be accomplished from the WordPress Dashboard using one of s2Member's global Restriction Options. Or, from your Post/Page editing station in WordPress you will find a meta box where Restrictions can be applied. We consider all of this to be point-and-click functionality. Very easy!

What many site owners don't realize though, is that s2Member also makes it pretty easy to protect "parts" of a Post or Page. You can even get creative about what you display to certain users; based upon your own custom criteria. The [s2If /] Shortcode (Simple Shortcode Conditionals) are the key to accomplishing this.

In fact, to say that s2Member (i.e., the [s2If /] Shortcode) can merely protect "parts" of a Post or Page, is really an understatement. With s2Member's Simple Shortcode Conditionals, you can not only protect parts of your content, you can also deal with other kinds of conditions; making [s2If /] a vital part of a successful membership site.

Scenarios where [s2If /] (Simple Shortcode Conditionals) can Help!

  • Sometimes it's necessary to allow everyone to access to your content (i.e., everyone can land on a certain Post or Page and view it); but maybe you need to hide (protect) a certain part of that content. Or, maybe you need to display something different to non-members, or to members with a specific type of access. These represent the most common [s2If /] use cases.
  • Maybe you need to change the way something appears (or even what details are given), based on the current Post or Page, the current Post Type, what Tags it may have, what Category it's in, what Sidebar it's in, if it's Sticky or not, who authored the content, etc.
  • Maybe you want to display certain data, but only if a user has previously completed an action. Such as joining your mailing list, filling out a survey, visiting a certain Post or Page, filling in a value for a certain Profile Field, clicked a certain link, etc, etc.
  • In some cases, you might want to display something different, depending on the time of day it is; or depending upon how long an existing member has been paying you. This would be considered Content Dripping, and Simple Shortcode Conditionals can help with this too.

There are many situations like this. Obviously, s2Member can't possibly predict every possible scenario, in every possible business model. What we can do is provide the tools you need to make things like this easier to deal with. That's what the [s2If /] Shortcode is for.