All support is provided by volunteers through community interaction, and all of the s2Member Pro source code is open and available for your developer to review. We also work very hard to provide you with lots of KB articles, videos, FAQs, our codex, and links to many other resources throughout our knowledge base. However, we don't offer support beyond this. You can also post in the community forum, where you can interact with others who use the product. Tip: If you require dedicated technical assistance, you can get help from experienced freelancer developers who have worked extensively with s2Member on many client projects.

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How to Report Bugs

First, please read over: Testing in a Clean Installation

If problems persist, even in a default theme for WordPress, and no other plugins are active, we are happy to help; please open a new bug report at GitHub. Otherwise, if you're integrating s2Member into a larger set of themes/plugins, we ask that you seek assistance from an experienced WordPress developer — one who can do a full review of your site and make recommendations.