Absolutely. s2Member comes with event-driven API Notifications.

API Notifications / Webhooks Advanced

If you use affiliate software, or have back-office routines that need to be notified whenever a registration occurs, when payment transactions (including recurring payments) take place; or when cancellations, refunds, chargebacks occur; s2Member's event-driven API Notifications can be used. s2Member's API Notifications will send data to Webhooks that you build (or that come with services you're integrating). Webhooks allow you to build or set up integrations that subscribe to certain events that occur in s2Member. When one of those events is triggered, s2Member will send an HTTP payload to any number of Webhook URLs that you've configured. For example, Webhooks can be used to update a sales chart, stats regarding user signups, or other custom post-processing routines that might exist outside of WordPress.

See: WordPress Dashboard s2Member API / Notifications to learn more.