Yes and no. It's a tricky question to answer.

  • Yes, because s2Member Pro comes with a Remote Operations API that makes this possible (more on this below).
  • No, because this requires that you hire a developer to assist you with the integration.

Remote Communication w/ s2Member Pro Advanced

With s2Member Pro installed, you have access to the s2Member Pro API for Remote Operations. This is made available for developers that wish to create user/member accounts dynamically through custom scripts of their own. s2Member's Remote Operations API requires a secret API Key in order to POST authenticated requests to your installation of s2Member. To acquire your API Key, with s2Member Pro installed see: WordPress Dashboard s2Member Pro API / Scripting Remote Operations API

What Actions Can I Perform Remotely?

  • auth_check_user This action allows you to authenticate username/password combinations from remote locations. For instance, you might have other software applications that you need to integrate with s2Member Pro in creative ways. This makes it possible for developers to build SSO (Single Sign-On) integrations with other 3rd-party applications.
  • get_user This allows you to obtain details about a user's account in WordPress; by user ID, by email, or by username.
  • create_user This allows you to create users from remote locations, or through custom scripts that you develop on your own. This action supports the ability to set the payment gateway, a transaction/subscription ID, the user's IP address, Membership Level, Custom Capabilities, custom fields, and more. We are often asked if s2Member can be integrated with another unsupported payment gateway. This is how you might accomplish that with help from a developer.
  • modify_user This allows you to modify an existing user account. You can change the email address, Membership Level, Custom Capabilities, any custom fields, and more. Again, if you integrate an unsupported payment gateway, this can be extremely useful.
  • delete_user The ability to completely delete a user/member.

For full PHP code examples, see s2Member Pro API for Remote Operations.