s2Member Pro Forms for Stripe, PayPal Pro, and Authorize.Net (including Free Registration Forms) can be configured with s2Member to use Google's reCAPTCHA™ service (which is free). Simply add the captcha="clean" attribute to your Pro-Form shortcode. Very easy.

s2Member comes with a default set of reCAPTCHA™ Keys, both Public and Private. If you leave the default configuration (i.e., leave the reCAPTCHA™ Public Key and reCAPTCHA™ Private Key fields empty), s2Member will simply use its own default set of Keys for reCAPTCHA™. However, if you're using s2Member Pro Forms, we do suggest that you acquire your own set of reCAPTCHA™ Keys (it's free). It's better to have your own set of Keys, specifically for your domain.

This tutorial will walk you through acquiring your own set of Public/Private Keys for the reCAPTCHA™ service.

Step 1: Acquire Public/Private reCAPTCHA Keys

Visit the reCAPTCHA Admin Page and sign in with your Google Account if prompted. (If you don't have a Google Account, you can create a free account.)

You will then see a page that contains a box titled Register a new site:


  • Fill in the Label with something applicable, such as the name of your site.
  • Fill in the Domains box with your domain name (e.g., www.example.com, or example.com)
  • Click the Register button

The following page will display your Site key and your Secret key:


Copy these and note them down somewhere. We will use these in the next step, Configuring s2Member with your reCAPTCHA Keys.

Step 2: Configuring s2Member with your reCAPTCHA Keys

Now that you have your own Public (aka "Site key") and Private (aka "Secret key") reCAPTCHA keys, visit Dashboard → s2Member (Pro) → General Options → CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Security and fill the new keys into the reCAPTCHA™ Public Key and reCAPTCHA™ Private Key fields. Then click the Save All Changes button at the bottom.


That's it! Your s2Member plugin is now configured with your own set of reCAPTCHA keys!