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Do tax configurations work with payment "buttons"? When I create Paypal buttons for users to add more functionality, the issue is the paypal button does not add/send tax correctly.

In s2Member, the Pro Tax Configuration panel is only for Pro Forms. When it comes to payment "buttons" (e.g. PayPal Buttons; not Pro Forms, ClickBank Buttons, and Google Wallet Buttons), taxes are configured on the payment gateway side—not within s2Member.

How to Configure Taxes

If you are using Pro Forms, you should configure taxes with s2Member Pro. Taxes can be configured here. Please see: s2Member → PayPal Options → Tax Rate Calculations.


If you are using "buttons", please log into your payment gateway account and configure tax rates there. For instance, in the case of PayPal Buttons, please see: Setting Up your Tax and Shipping Information for your PayPal Account