Pre-integrated List Servers (Mailing List Services)

s2Member comes with the following list server integrations that are all ready-to-go.

  • MailChimp® This service makes it easy to send email newsletters to your customers, manage your subscriber lists, and track campaign performance. With s2Member, you can have your WordPress users/members automatically subscribed to your MailChimp marketing lists (i.e., newsletters / auto-responders). Although s2Member can be integrated with almost any list server, we highly recommend MailChimp, because of their powerful API, pricing, and flexibility. In future versions of s2Member Pro we plan to build additional features into s2Member that will work with and extend our current MailChimp integration in creative ways. If you're on-the-fence, MailChimp comes highly recommended!
  • AWeber™ If you're looking to get your first email campaign off the ground, or you're a seasoned veteran who wants to dig into advanced tools like detailed email web analytics, activity based segmentation, geo-targeting and broadcast split-testing, AWeber's got just what you need to make email marketing work for you. With s2Member, you can have your WordPress users/members automatically subscribed to your AWeber marketing lists (i.e., newsletters / auto-responders).
  • GetResponse™ Requires s2Member Pro This is a complete email marketing solution. It provides turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited autoresponders to deliver information to your subscribers and convert them to paying customers. With s2Member, you can have your WordPress users/members automatically subscribed to your GetResponse marketing lists.

Features Supported by All List Server Integrations

  • Double Opt-In Checkbox integration with s2Member Pro-Forms and/or the default /wp-login.php?action=register form in WordPress.

  • Custom Merge Fields; the ability to configure custom merge fields using the instructions in this article.

  • Automatic Profile Sync; whenever an existing subscriber updates their profile using the [s2Member-Profile /] shortcode or popup alternative, the user's email address, name, IP address, along with any custom merge fields are updated on the list server to match.

  • Automatic List Transitioning. If a customer's Role is changed in WordPress they can be moved automatically to a different mailing list.

Additional Features Supported by MailChimp Integration

  • MailChimp Interest Groups can be assigned to each Membership Level, making it possible to use one list for all members, but then build segments that identify Members at various Levels in WordPress.

Integrating Another Mailing List Service of your Choosing

s2Member's event-driven API Notifications (via email, or through HTTP communication behind-the-scenes), make it possible for all sorts of 3rd-party service integrations. If you have a developer to assist you, please take a look at: WordPress Dashboard s2Member API / Notifications. Here you will find additional details and options intended for advanced site owners.