Question: I tried adding %%full_coupon_code%% to the Admin Email Notification email and it did not send the code used. Any idea how to get this to work?

All transaction-related email templates now support three additional Replacement Codes:

  • %%full_coupon_code%%
  • %%coupon_code%%
  • %%coupon_affiliate_id%%

These have been documented in your Dashboard in places where transaction-related email templates are configured.

Administrative notifications regarding a new user are not transaction-related. This notification is sent by WordPress and can be customized further when s2Member is installed; but unfortunately, this email is not sent within a context that would allow s2Member to fill it with a coupon code at this time.

The emails that support the coupon replacement codes are: Signup Confirmation Email, Modification Confirmation Email, Capability Confirmation Email, etc. All of these are displayed in areas such as: PayPal Pro Options, Stripe Options, and/or Authorize.Net Options. For example, see: WordPress Dashboard s2Member PayPal Options Signup Confirmation Email

Possible Alternative Solution

s2Member also supports event-driven notifications via email, and it's much easier to get information (such as the coupon code) from s2Member's API Notifications than it is to parse the content of a message sent to the customer, or a message sent to the admin regarding a new registration; i.e., the data in these notifications is structured so that it could even be parsed if you needed it to be.

For instance, please see: WordPress Dashboard s2Member API / Notifications