In this article, we introduce the shortcode generator for creating replacement registration access links. s2Member sends these links to your Customers after they pay for a Membership subscription on your site. If they need the link re-issued, you can create it in this Dashboard panel. You may never need this tool, but it is available to help you with customer service issues.

This article is part of the s2Member User's Guide, a series of articles that cover the fundamentals of using s2Member.

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s2Member - Member Registration Access Links

s2Member Pro-Forms consolidate the Registration and Checkout process into a single-step solution. However, you can use this shortcode generator to create a replacement Registration Access Link for customer service. A Customer might be distracted and close their browser before completing the Registration Form after returning to your website from the payment gateway. Alternatively, you might sell a Membership offline and need to send your new Member a link to complete Registration instead of creating a User account manually (see WordPress Dashboard Users Add New).

Member Registration Access Link Form Fields

  • Paid Membership Level: Select the appropriate Membership Level from the drop-down box.
  • Paid Subscr. ID: Enter the Paid Subscriber ID from your payment gateway. This field is crucial, without this ID s2Member cannot link the User Account on your WordPress site with a Recurring Subscription at the payment gateway.
  • Custom String Value: In most cases, the default value entered here works fine. This Custom String Value must always start with your domain name. You can also add pipe-delimited ( | ) custom values after your domain if needed.
  • Custom Capabilities: This is optional. Type in a comma-delimited list of Custom Capabilities (CCAP) you would like included with this Membership. You can use CCAPs to set custom content restrictions for your website.
  • Fixed Term Length (for Buy Now transactions): If the Customer purchased Membership through a one time (Buy Now) transaction, you should enter a Fixed Term length in this field. This information ensures that s2Member can revoke the Member’s Membership Level Access at the appropriate time. This data is numeric value followed by a space and then a single letter representing the period.

    • D – Day (For example, 30 D for 30 days)
    • W – Week (For example, 2 W for 2 weeks)
    • M – Month (For example, 6 M for 6 months)
    • Y – Year (For example, 1 Y for 1 year)
    • L - Lifetime (For example, 1 L for a Lifetime Subscription)

Once you have filled in all the form fields, click the Generate Access Link button and then send the Access Link to your new Member via email.