Future PayPal Subscriptions

Quick Review: Your customers agree to create a Subscription via PayPal and have that payment recur. With s2Member shortcodes you can customize both the initial amount and all recurring amounts via shortcode attributes (e.g., ta="" and ra=""). See: WordPress Dashboard s2Member PayPal Buttons (or Pro-Forms) Shortcode Attributes (Explained)

Changing the Amount(s) That You Bill

If you decide to change the amount(s) that you bill, you simply change the shortcode attributes in your PayPal Button and/or Pro-Form. Or, you can generate a new shortcode to replace the old one. In this way, you are changing the amount(s) that any NEW customers will be charged; i.e., this does not impact existing customers in any way, which is ideal in most cases.

Current PayPal Subscriptions

If you already have customers and you want to alter the amount they are charged in each billing cycle, you have two options:

  1. You can log into your PayPal account and alter the Recurring Billing Profiles associated with your existing customers.

    Note: Depending on the type of PayPal account that you have, whether you are raising or lowering the price, and in what dollar amount; there might be limitations imposed by PayPal. If you run into trouble or confusion, please contact PayPal support for assistance.

  2. You can lead existing customers to an upgrade and/or downgrade process, which can result in a change in the payment plan and Membershp Level on the site. See: WordPress Dashboard s2Member PayPal Pro-Forms Billing Modification Forms