I am slightly confused. I am considering using pro forms on my site, but I haven't seen the Pro-forms option since I upgraded to Pro. It is not under the s2member menu options in the sidebar. Why is this?

First, it would be a good idea to make sure that you actually do have s2Member Pro installed and that the s2Member Framework is loading it up from the location where it expects to find it in WordPress.

Please go to: WordPress Dashboard Plugins and find this note regarding s2Member Pro.

If you don't see this, s2Member Pro is not actually loading up. In this case, it is a good idea to review the full installation instructions again and double-check that you were correct in each case. See: s2Member Pro Installation Instructions

If you have s2Member Pro enabled, then next you should make sure that have enabled PayPal Pro-Forms, Stripe Pro-Forms, or Authorize.Net Pro-Forms. These represent the payment gateways that integrate with s2Member Pro-Forms. Thus, one of these must be enabled for you to take advantage of s2Member Pro-Forms.

Finally, select the menu option which leads to the available Pro-Forms for the payment gateway that you have chosen to integrate with s2Member.