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Question: How can I show a Features Table or Features List on my Pro-Form?

Answer: The s2Member Pro-Forms do not support showing a "features table", but you can include a short description when you generate the Pro-Form. That description will appear at the top of the Pro-Form.

To add this description, you'll see one of the fields is called "Description" when you generate the Pro-Form shortcode in WordPress Dashboard s2Member (Pro) PayPal Pro-Forms PayPal Pro Forms for Level 1 Access.

Note that the desc="" attribute is limited to 100 chars. Beyond this, s2Member Pro will throw up a warning in your Pro Form as a reminder that you should limit the number of characters used in this attribute. There is a limit because the description is passed through to the payment gateway, and the payment gateways often have limits as to how long it can be.

If you need a longer description, we recommend adding that above the Pro Form shortcode itself, in whatever way is desired; i.e., with HTML or any other sort of rich text.

What about a Features Table?

If you are building a features table and want to link your "Sign Up" buttons to a Pro-Form, we recommend creating a separate "Checkout" page where you place your Pro-Form with Multiple Checkout Options (see the related KB Article: How do I display multiple checkout options?). You can then link each "Sign Up" button on your features list to a specific checkout option on the Checkout page.