The [s2Member-List /] shortcode (see Shortcode Documentation), allows you to include any number of additional fields in the output using the show_fields="" shortcode attribute; i.e., field label/value pairs.

Default Behavior

If you don't give these fields a specific label, they will just output a default value:

[s2Member-List show_fields="s2member_access_label" /]


Customizing Labels (Ah!)

To customize the labels, simply prepend the label name to the field name and separate the label from the field name with a semicolon (:):

[s2Member-List show_fields="Membership Level:s2member_access_label" /]


Note: this works when including multiple fields as well; simply separate each label:field pair with a comma, e.g., Membership Level:s2member_access_label,Expiration Date:s2member_auto_eot_time.

Can I customize the [s2Member-List /] output even more?

Yes. See Custom Template for [s2Member-List /].