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Drag n' Drop Login Widget Integrates w/ s2Member Functionality

The s2Member Pro Login Widget can be popped into place using the WordPress Widget system; compatible with most themes for WordPress. The Pro Login Widget is highly customizable. It serves two extremely useful purposes in WordPress.

  1. It provides users with a way to log in to your site. Upon logging in they are redirected to a location of your choosing; e.g., to a specific Post/Page, to a specific URL, to the URL they were on when they logged-in, to the URL they were on previously, or to your Login Welcome Page for s2Member (default behavior). The Pro Login Widget works together with the WordPress core login handler (/wp-login.php); making it compatible with most WordPress themes/plugins. Including, but not limited to: bbPress and BuddyPress.
  2. When the widget is displayed to a logged-in user, it displays a brief profile summary alongside the user's avatar. Using the configurable options in the s2Member Pro Login Widget, combined with the [s2Member-Profile /] Shortcode, you can lead users back to a page where they can edit their profile at your site.

Tip: The s2Member Pro Login Widget can also be integrated into a theme/plugin file with the PHP Template Tag: s2member_pro_login_widget(). This Template Tag also accepts an array of configurable options that correlate with those provided by the Widget itself in your WordPress Dashboard. For further details, see: WordPress Dashboard Appearance Widgets s2Member Pro Login Widget