So, you just updated s2Member and now your shortcodes aren't working? They just show up in plain text on your WordPress page and, it sure is ugly. Relax. This is a very common problem. Almost always, this happens because you updated s2Member Framework, but didn't update s2Member Pro.

The version number of s2Member Pro must always match the version number of s2Member Framework. If it doesn't, the Pro Add-On will not activate. Since s2Member Pro-Forms require s2Member Pro, when s2Member Pro is not activated Pro-Form shortcodes will not be processed by WordPress and will show up as plain-text.

The Symptoms

You notice that s2Member needs to be updated, so you click the appropriate buttons wherever you are and you're done. Then you go back to whatever you were doing. A few minutes, hours, or even days later you or somebody notices that some or all of your s2Member pages with shortcodes on them look strange. Instead of a form or beautifully constructed conditional content you have plain-text shortcodes rendering your page ugly and useless. What happened here?



You log in to your WordPress Dashboard wondering what happened. You head to the Plugins panel and see this helpful message displayed:


Wait, didn't you already update s2Member? Yes, and no. Scroll down to the s2Member plugin description and you'll see that the version showing for the s2Member Framework is the same version that the message at the top of the page wants to update to for the s2Member Pro Add-on, but s2Member Pro isn't mentioned at all. The s2Member Framework is not in sync with the s2Member Pro Add-on.


You updated s2Member Framework, but the s2Member Pro Add-on does not update automatically just because you update the Framework. There is still another step to perform. That message at the top of the Plugins panel makes it pretty easy. Just put in your Username and the key from your My Account page at and press the Update s2Member Pro Automatically button.

The Next Time You Update s2Member...

Remember, just as when installing s2Member, you must update the s2Member Framework and s2Member Pro separately. They are two distinct entities and, at least for now, updating the Framework does not kick off an automatic update of the Pro Add-on.

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