Question: If I configure Basic Download Restrictions for unlimited file downloads, are my files still protected by s2Member?

Answer: Yes. Whenever you use the s2Member [s2File /] shortcode, the [s2Stream /] shortcode, or offer links to files using ?s2member_file_download=, those files will be protected by whatever options you have configured inside s2Member → Download Options → Basic Download Restrictions.

For example, let's say you allow unlimited downloads at Level 1:


In this scenario, if someone with a Level 0 account (or no account at all), tried to access a file link generated by an s2Member shortcode or a link that uses ?s2member_file_download=, they would be denied access.

In this way, even an s2Member configuration that allows for unlimited file downloads still requires s2Member access to the Level you've configured to allow unlimited downloads.

Once someone has an s2Member account at that level (Level 1 or higher, in the example above), they will be allowed unlimited downloads to files.

What if I don't want file downloads counted against the user's allotted amount?

If you don't want file downloads (including each time an RTMP-stream is played) counted against the user's total allotted amount, you can pass count_against_user="no" in your [s2File /] and/or [s2Stream /] shortcode.

What if I don't want s2Member to check the user's download permissions at all?

Please see How can I bypass the Basic Download Restrictions?