AWeber is an email marketing service that can be integrated with s2Member. Although s2Member can be integrated with almost any list server, we recommend using AWeber, MailChimp, or GetResponse.

In this article we're going to explain how to integrate AWeber with s2Member using the API method so that new members are automatically added to your AWeber list(s) and removed or transitioned to another list when they are upgraded, downgraded, or deleted from your s2Member site.

To get started, you will need your AWeber account, AWeber List IDs, and AWeber API Authorization code for the s2Member application.

Step 1: Create an AWeber API Key

You can create an AWeber API Key inside your AWeber account here: <>

See also: About AWeber API Keys

Adding Your AWeber API Key to s2Member

See: WordPress Dashboard s2Member API / List Servers AWeber Integration

s2Member AWeber API Key

Step 2: Add Your AWeber List IDs to s2Member

You will find a list of all of your AWeber Lists inside your AWeber account: <>

You need to locate the List ID(s) you intend to integrate with s2Member. Click on the Lists tab. On that page you'll find a Unique List ID associated with each of your lists. AWeber sometimes refers to this as a List Name instead of a List ID. Here is a screenshot that shows where to find your AWeber List ID for each of the lists that you want to integrate with s2Member.

s2Member AWeber Add List IDs

Adding Your AWeber List ID(s) To s2Member

See: WordPress Dashboard s2Member API / List Servers AWeber Integration

s2Member AWeber List IDs

Step 3: Configure Double Opt-in Checkbox Options

See: Double Opt-In Checkbox Config.

Step 4: Configure MERGE Fields (Optional)

See: Can I add custom mail merge fields?

Step 5: Enable Automatic List Transitioning (Optional)

When a member is promoted (or demoted), s2Member is capable of automatically moving a Member from an AWeber List that applies to Membership Level 1 (for example), placing them on the List ID for Membership Level 0 instead. To learn more about this, please see:

WordPress Dashboard s2Member API / List Servers Automate Un-Subscribe/Opt-Outs?