PayPal Payments Standard

This is the default payment gateway in the free version of s2Member. We support "Buy Now" and "Subscriptions" (recurring and non-recurring) through PayPal Payments Standard. Available to merchants in most countries.

PayPal Payments Pro

s2Member Pro adds support for many other payment gateways, and PayPal Pro is included. See: s2Member Features for more information. See also: Product Availability for 'Website Payments Pro' service, which also applies to the newer name: 'PayPal Payments Pro'. PayPal Pro requires a formal application and a small monthly fee. Please see: PayPal Payments Pro for full details.

s2Member Pro Supports two PayPal Pro Flavors

Note regarding Payflow stand-alone product: s2Member Pro does NOT support Payflow as a stand-alone product. There is a difference. s2Member's support for Payflow is limited to "PayPal Payments Pro (Payflow Edition)"; where the Payflow "Edition" of PayPal Pro is now very common in newer PayPal Pro accounts; i.e., if you signup for PayPal Payments Pro today you will get the Payflow Edition automatically—and that's fine!

It's the stand-alone Payflow Payment Gateway that we do not support.

Note regarding 'Hosted Solution': s2Member Pro does NOT support PayPal Payments Pro as a 'Hosted Solution', which is a separate PayPal product with its own API. The Hosted Solution is designed to allow you to accept credit card payments on PayPal's website, not on your website using something like s2Member Pro. If you signup for PayPal Payments Pro (not the Hosted Solution variation), that will work just fine with s2Member Pro.

It's the PayPal Website Payments Pro 'Hosted Solution' that we do not support.

See also: Do s2Member Pro-Forms work with PayPal Standard; i.e., without PayPal Pro?