s2Member Pro has included a ccBill payment gateway integration for quite a few years now. However, we stopped advertising and/or featuring this integration in any official way approximately 2 years ago. Now, as of June 15th, 2015 we are officially deprecating this integration with ccBill, and announcing that our intention is to phase support for ccBill out over a short period of time. To clarify, we will not be working to enhance or update the existing integration with ccBill. However, we will continue to offer assistance with our existing ccBill integration until November 2015.

Note: Our focus at this time is on Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net. By moving ccBill aside, we will be allocating more resources to those integrations; i.e., those which do support s2Member® Pro-Forms (very popular), and, of course, they represent a significantly larger percentage of our customers.

What does this mean for me if I'm using CCBill?

We aren't stripping the ccBill integration out completely—not right now. Therefore, you may continue to use the ccBill integration as it exists. However, future versions of s2Member Pro will be released without ccBill. This will occur in November 2015; i.e., new versions of s2Member Pro will be released without the ccBill integration. What then? You can choose not to upgrade; i.e., to continue using the ccBill integration from a previous release of s2Member Pro. Or, you could consider a move to Stripe, PayPal Pro, or Authorize.Net.

If you have any questions about ccBill, please open a support ticket. We will be happy to offer suggestions.