When you create a Custom Registration/Profile Field with s2Member (see: WordPress Dashboard s2Member General Options Registration/Profile Fields & Options Add New Field), you will need to make sure that Applicable Membership Levels is set to the same Membership Level as your Pro-From.

For instance, if you're using Level 1 Pro-Forms, set this to 1. If you want the Custom Registration Field to show up on all Pro-Forms, set this to all (the default).

You'll also want to verify that the Allow Profile Edits option is set to the appropriate setting.


I'm still not seeing my Custom Registration Fields!

Keep in mind that Pro-Forms presented to logged-in users will not display Custom Registration Fields. If you want logged-in users to modify Custom Registration Fields, you can use the [s2Member-Profile /] shortcode. Please see: WordPress Dashboard s2Member General Options Member Profile Modifications.