s2Member v170221 (Framework and Pro) was released on February 21st, 2017. This release includes 3 bug fixes, new JW Player v7 Compatibility, additional Amazon AWS Regions, a revamped Pro updater, and improved CloudFlare Compatibility.

Automatic Upgrade Instructions

Reporting Problems w/ this Release

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.

Unified Changelog for s2Member & s2Member Pro v170221

  • (s2Member/s2Member Pro) JW Player v7: This release adds support for JW Player v7 in the [s2Stream /] shortcode. See Issue #774.

  • (s2Member Pro) Bug Fix: Allow Pro-Forms to use success="%%sp_access_url%%" without issue. See Issue #1024.

  • (s2Member/s2Member Pro) AWS Region: Adding AWS region ap-northeast-2. See Issue #1033.

  • (s2Member/s2Member Pro) AWS Region: Adding AWS region eu-west-2. See Issue #1033.

  • (s2Member) Bug Fix: This release corrects a minor server-side validation bug that was related to the use of non-personal email address. See Thread #1195 and Issue #1054.

  • (s2Member) Bug Fix: Updated several outdated links within the software; e.g., removing older www. references, correcting forum links, and more. Also corrected missing changelog. See Issue #1027.

  • (s2Member Pro) Pro Upgrader: The pro upgrader has been refactored and now asks for your s2Member Pro License Key instead of your s2Member.com password. The next time you upgrade to the most recent version of s2Member Pro, you will be asked for your License Key. You can obtain your License Key by logging into your account at s2Member.com. Once logged in, visit your 'My Account' page, where you will find your License Key right at the top. See Issue #668.

  • (s2Member/s2Member Pro) CloudFlare Compat.: Enhancing compatibility with Rocket Loader via data-cfasync="false" on dynamic s2Member scripts. See: Issue #1038.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

s2Member Framework users should receive an update notification from within their WordPress Dashboard (WordPress Dashboard → Updates).

s2Member Pro users: Please update the Framework first. You will then be prompted for your s2Member.com username and license key so that you can update the Pro module. If you have trouble, you can follow the manual installation instructions.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.