s2Member v191022 (Framework and Pro) was released on October 22nd, 2019. This release of s2Member & s2Member Pro is a major upgrade of the Stripe integration, with several improvements and fixes. I hope you like them! :)

Automatic Upgrade Instructions

Reporting Problems w/ this Release

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.

Unified Changelog for s2Member & s2Member Pro v191022

  • (s2Member Pro) Feature Enhancement: The Stripe pro-forms can now handle 3D Secure 2 for Strong Customer Authentication, as required by the new European regulation that came into effect recently. Props to those in the beta testing group, especially Brice and Felix. See thread 5585.

  • (s2Member Pro) Feature Enhancement: The Stripe pro-form now has the card field inline, instead of opening a modal to enter it. Before it required clicking the link to open the modal, enter the card details, submit that, and then submit the pro-form. Now you enter the card details as part of the pro-form. See issue #588.

  • (s2Member Pro) Stripe Integration Updates: Upgraded the Stripe PHP SDK from v1.18 to v7.4.0, and the API from 2015-07-13 to 2019-10-08. Upgraded the integration from the Charges API to the latest Payment Intents API. Upgraded the card input from the old Stripe Checkout modal, to the new Stripe.js and Elements.

  • (s2Member Pro) Optimization: Stripe's JavaScript now only gets included if the page has a Stripe pro-form.

  • (s2Member Pro) Removed Stripe Bitcoin: Stripe dropped Bitcoin last year, it's not available anymore. This update removes the Bitcoin options and mentions from the s2 admin pages.

  • (s2Member Pro) Bug Fix: Subscriptions without a trial were showing a "trialing" status in Stripe for the first period. This behavior has now been solved. It will only say trialing when you set a trial period (free or paid) in your Stripe pro-form shortcode. See issue #1052.

  • (s2Member Pro) Bug Fix: The Stripe pro-form installments via the rrt shortcode attribute were charging an extra payment before ending the subscription. There was an error in the time calculation for this. This is solved in this release. Props to Brice. See thread 5817.

  • (s2Member Pro) Bug Fix: Some payments through the Stripe pro-form were creating a new Stripe customer when the user was already a customer. The Stripe customer ID was not being saved correctly in the user's profile. This is solved in this release. Props to demeritcowboy for reporting it.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

s2Member Framework users should receive an update notification from within their WordPress Dashboard (WordPress Dashboard → Updates).

s2Member Pro users: Please update the Framework first. You will then be prompted for your s2Member.com username and license key so that you can update the Pro module. If you have trouble, you can follow the manual installation instructions.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.