This early pre-release of s2Member and s2Member Pro v201209-RC has a few fixes and couple of enhancements. If you would like to help us test, please review the instructions and changelog below.

Download Release Candidate

Installation Instructions (i.e., to test this early release)

On a test site, please follow the manual upgrade instructions provided by these articles:

Reporting Problems w/ this Release Candidate

Please, report bugs and feedback on GitHub.

Unified Changelog for s2Member & s2Member Pro v201209-RC

  • (s2Member Framework) Bug Fix: View Password icon WP's login page was not displaying correctly. Kudos to Beee4life for reporting it. See issue #1187

  • (s2Member Framework and Pro) Enhancement: Refactored PHP's deprecated create_function with anonymous functions. Kudos to Berry for reporting it, see post 6069

  • (s2Member Framework) Bug Fix: Added a check for empty return variable before trying to use it in

  • (s2Member Framework) Bug Fix: Added a check for undefined index before using it to define a couple of s2 constants. Kudos to Berry for reporting it, see post 8181

  • (s2Member Pro) Bug Fix: s2's payment notification when creating a Stripe subscription, was being sent twice. Added a check to ignore the webhook for the subscription's on-session first payment; s2's webhook endpoint is for off-session events.

  • (s2Member Framework) Enhancement: Added a new hook for the payment notification on subscription creation or buy now payments.

  • (s2Member Pro) Bug Fix: Stripe paid trials were accumulating on failed payment attempts, causing a larger charge when it finally succeeded. Kudos to Alan for his help through the many attempts to fix this one, see post 7002.

  • (s2Member Pro) Enhancement: Stripe duplicate payments were happening randomly to a few site owners, apparently from bad communication between their server and Stripe's. Added idempotency to prevent duplicates. Kudos to Alan and everyone in the forum that reported and gave details on this behavior, see post 7002

Please note that when this version leaves beta and an official release is made, the WordPress Plugin Updater will automatically detect the new version on and ask you to upgrade. If you're using s2Member Pro, you will also be asked to complete an upgrade of the s2Member Pro Add-On right after you upgrade the s2Member Framework. For more information, please review Automatic Updates Through WordPress (Recommended).