s2Member v220318 (Framework and Pro) was released on March 18th, 2022. It includes a couple fixes and enhancements.

Automatic Upgrade Instructions

Unified Changelog for s2Member & s2Member Pro v220318

  • (Pro) UI Fix: Removed "Image Branding" setting from s2's Stripe options, not used in current integration.

  • (Framework) Enhancement: New current_user_gateway_is function for conditionals. Useful for sites using more than one gateway. E.g. [s2If current_user_gateway_is(stripe)] ...

[s2If current_user_gateway_is(stripe)]
Current user’s payment gateway is set to Stripe (e.g. last paid through s2’s Stripe pro-form)

Upgrading to the Latest Version

s2Member Framework users should receive an update notification from within their WordPress Dashboard (WordPress Dashboard → Updates).

s2Member Pro users: Please update the Framework first. You will then be prompted for your s2Member.com username and license key so that you can update the Pro module. If you have trouble, you can follow the manual installation instructions.

The s2Member Pro Add-on requires that you have a matching version of the s2Member Framework to go with it. Therefore, if you update your copy of the s2Member Framework without also updating the s2Member Pro Add-on, your copy of the s2Member Pro Add-on (now outdated) will refuse to load, disabling the Pro features. Just update the Pro add-on to match the Framework's and Pro will reactivate.