s2Member v230815 (Framework) was released on August 15th, 2023.

Unified Changelog for s2Member & s2Member Pro v230815

  • (Framework) Fix: Added some missing functions to the list of conditionals allowed by default for s2If (e.g. current_user_days_to_eot_less_than, current_user_gateway_is). See also: https://s2member.com/kb-article/s2if-simple-shortcode-conditionals/#toc-5bb69568

  • (Pro) Enhancement: New s2If whitelist option for custom conditional functions to be allowed. s2Member Pro > Restriction Options > Simple Shortcode Conditionals > Whitelist

  • (Framework) Enhancement: Handle s2If conditional problems more gracefully. Instead of giving an error that prevents loading the rest of the page, it now just doesn't display that s2If's block, and enters a message in the error log (e.g. /wp-content/debug.log).

  • (Framework & Pro) Enhancement: Prevent output from s2If conditions, only true or false.

  • (Framework) UI: Update the Mailchimp example from Group Title to Group Category, to match Mailchimp's current name in their settings. s2Member > API / List Servers > Mailchimp

Upgrading to the Latest Version

You should get a notification about the update in your admin. WP Admin > Plugins

You can also download the zip file from your Account page, and upload it. WP Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload