We are pleased to announce that s2Member and s2Member Pro v150722 are now available. There were a total 32 GitHub issues closed in this release. Several bugs were zapped, we improved compatibility with WordPress core and other themes/plugins, and there are some new features too!

Highlights In This Release

  • [s2Eot /] Shortcode [documentation] - Easily display membership expiration time or next payment time!
  • [s2Member-Login /] Shortcode [documentation] - Display a login form on any WordPress Post/Page!
  • [s2Member-Summary /] Shortcode [documentation] - Display a profile summary with avatar on any WordPress Post/Page!
  • [s2Get user_field="avatar" size="96" /] makes it easy to embed a user's avatar into any WordPress Post/Page. Up to 512 pixels in size—powered by Gravatar.com. See also: [s2Get /] Shortcode Documentation
  • Strong Password Enforcement: This release of s2Member makes it possible for a site owner to enforce strong passwords. See WordPress Dashboard s2Member General Options Registration/Profile Fields & Options
  • reCAPTCHA v2 Upgrade: See WordPress Dashboard s2Member General Options CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Security. You may configure reCAPTCHA v2 keys to put your copy of s2Member into reCAPTCHA v2 mode and take advantage of the the latest improvements introduced by Google.
  • Bitly URL Shortener: This release adds support for Bitly as your preferred URL Shortening service. Bitly has become very popular for many reasons. One reason to choose Bitly over others is that you can configure your Bitly account to use a custom domain of your choosing; i.e., shortened URLs may contain a domain that you configure. See WordPress Dashboard s2Member General Options URL Shortening Service Preference
  • WordPress v4.3-beta Compat.: This release was tested against WordPress v4.2+, including WordPress v4.3-beta. A few minor adjustments were made to improve support in the upcoming release of WordPress v4.3 based on beta releases made available to us.
  • Stripe API Upgrade: This release takes advantage of the latest Stripe API version (v2015-07-13) for improved stability and performance.
  • 25 Bugs/Compatibility Issues Resolved: See full changelog for details.

Additional Details (Full Changelog)

See: s2Member Unified Changelog for additional details.

Should I upgrade?

Yes. Definitely! :-) This is a maintenance release that is backward compatible with existing copies of s2Member. You can upgrade right away.

How can I upgrade?

You should be notified automatically in your WordPress Dashboard. See also: s2Member Update Instructions

If I have problems can I revert to a previous copy?

Sure. If you have any trouble you can check our release archive where you can download old versions of s2Member and s2Member Pro.

Where should I report bugs?

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub. If you are an s2Member Pro user and require priority support, please open a support ticket here.