In this article, you will be introduced to s2Member’s shortcode generators for Pro-Forms and Buttons. s2Member generates Pro-Form shortcodes according to the payment gateway you are using. Pro-Forms are an s2Member Pro Addon feature and are not available with the free s2Member Framework. Pro-Forms are available for Free Registration, PayPal Payments Pro, Stripe, and Buttons for ClickBank are also a s2Member Pro Addon feature. Buttons for PayPal are available with the free s2Member Framework and, of course, work with the s2Member Pro Addon as well.

The generation process is the same for all Pro-Forms and Buttons (except for some variations in data-entry requirements), but you need to generate each particular payment gateway’s Pro-Forms and Buttons using the panels found on the s2Member Pro-Forms configuration for that gateway. For simplicity’s sake, we are (mostly) using the PayPal Pro-Form generators found here WordPress Dashboard s2Member (Pro) PayPal Pro-Forms in this article. Where differences between gateways exist, they are specified.

This article is part of the s2Member User's Guide, a series of articles that cover the fundamentals of using s2Member.

This topic has been broken up into several related articles:

PayPal Specifics: PayPal Pro Requirements

Pro-Forms do not require PayPal Payments Pro (see Supported PayPal Account Types), however depending on your use-case, you may want to use the PayPal Payments Pro service.

PayPal Payments Pro is NOT Required if...

  • You use Free Registration Pro-Forms.
  • You use PayPal Express Checkout.
  • You integrate with Stripe instead. (Stripe has no monthly costs.) See this KB article for details.

PayPal Payments Pro IS Required if...

  • You want to accept on-site credit card payments via Pro-Forms and PayPal.
  • You want to take full advantage of everything that Pro-Forms can do in conjunction with PayPal and to have all functions work as intended.

Form Fields Common to Most Pro-Forms

Pro-Forms are generated using the configuration panels found on the Pro-Forms panels found under your particular payment gateway, for example, WordPress Dashboard s2Member (Pro) PayPal Pro-Forms. Fill in the fields on the generator form. Once you have filled in all the form fields, click the Generate Form Code button and then copy the generated shortcode to a Post or Page you created in WordPress.


Note: Most rows have multiple data-entry boxes. For convenience-sake, the text that begins the row is shown below, followed by the data-entry requirements in bullets below.

  • I'll offer the first
    • This field sets a Trial Period and is optional.
    • Type in the number.
    • Select desired period from the drop-down list: Days, Weeks, Months, Years.
    • Type in the price for your Trial Period.
  • Then, I want to charge:
    • This field represents the amount you want to charge for your Membership Plan
    • Type in the price
    • Select the desired subscription type and payment frequency from the drop-down list. There are both recurring and one-time Subscriptions Buy Now Fixed-term Memberships.
  • Description: Modify the Description text to make your Membership terms as clear as possible for your Customers/Members.
  • Check out Page Style:
    • This field is optional. You can configure the Checkout Page Style from within your PayPal Merchant Account. If you create custom page styles, enter the name of the desired style here.
    • Select the currency you want from the drop-down box.
  • Custom Capabilities: This is optional. Type in a comma-delimited list of Custom Capabilities (CCAP) you would like included with this Membership. You will then use the same CCAP code to set appropriate content restrictions for your website.