s2Member automatically assigns a tabindex value to each Custom Field and the default setting usually works fine, however some themes and/or custom integrations may interfere with the default setting and require that you take control of the tabindex value s2Member assigns to each Custom Field.

You might find that the tab order on your registration form is "off" simply due to the way the WordPress Core handles the tabindex on page templates. The tabindex of custom registration fields may be customized in either of the two ways detailed in this article.

Using the Other Attributes option

Whenever you generate a Custom Field with s2Member, you could use the Other Attributes configuration option to change the tabindex of your custom registration fields. Visit WordPress Dashboard s2Member General Options Registration/Profile Fields and Options Add New Field

other attributes configuration

Hooking into the Default Starting Value

You can use a hook that alters the starting tabindex value for your custom fields. In other words, you can customize the starting value that s2Member uses when it generates the custom fields on your form. It's also worth noting that you can set tabindex="-1" to exclude a field from the tabbed interaction entirely; i.e., to skip over that field.

That can be altered with this MU-Plugin. The default value for the standard WordPress registration form is 20. Each custom field is incremented by a value of 10 as it is displayed.

Create this directory and file: wp-content/mu-plugins/s2-hacks.php

add_action('ws_plugin__s2member_during_custom_registration_fields_before', function($vars){
  $vars['__refs']['tabindex'] = 20; // Default value is 20.

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