s2Member v210208 (Framework and Pro) was released on February 8th, 2021. This release of s2Member has a few fixes and couple of enhancements.

Automatic Upgrade Instructions

Reporting Problems with this Release

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub or the forums.

Unified Changelog for s2Member & s2Member Pro v210208

  • (s2Member Pro) Enhancement: In the Stripe integration, cancelling a subscription in the last minutes of a period, may cause the invoice for the new period to remain there and still be charged later. Now s2Member Pro attempts to find a draft or open invoice for the subscription being cancelled, and void it. Thanks Alan for reporting it. See post 8386.

  • (s2Member Pro) UI Enhancement: Improved Stripe pro-form error message when trying to create a subscription with a bad card. Thanks everyone that reported it. See issue #1184, post 6043, and post 8386.

  • (s2Member Pro) Enhancement: Added the new action hooks ws_plugin__s2member_pro_before_stripe_notify_event_switch and ws_plugin__s2member_pro_after_stripe_notify_event_switch in the Stripe endpoint to allow customizations, e.g. new event handlers.

  • (s2Member Pro) UI Fix: Removed some leftover mentions of Bitcoin support in Stripe's options.

  • (s2Member Pro) UI Fix: Removed a couple of deprecated shortcode attributes from the documentation for Stripe's pro-form, leftovers from the old integration. Kudos to Debbie for bringing my attention to them. See post 8053.

  • (s2Member Framework) UI Fix: Fixed some broken links and video players in the admin pages.

  • (s2Member Framework) Bug Fix: Resolved a warning given when changing users role in bulk from the WP Admin > Users page.

  • (s2Member Server Scanner) Bug Fix: Updated the Server Scanner to remove some outdated warnings.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

s2Member Framework users should receive an update notification from within their WordPress Dashboard (WordPress Dashboard → Updates).

s2Member Pro users: Please update the Framework first. You will then be prompted for your s2Member.com username and license key so that you can update the Pro module. If you have trouble, you can follow the manual installation instructions.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.