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Automatically Redirecting to a Protected Page After a User Logs In to Your Site

by: Raam Dev
March 19, 2015

Creating a Free Membership with a Trial Period (Limited-Time Free Membership)

by: Raam Dev
tagged: Pro-Forms
May 20, 2015

Using the E-Mail address as the Username

Configuring CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Security

by: Raam Dev
March 16, 2015

Using Download Restrictions with NGINX

Setting up Two Membership Types (Professional / Student) with Two Sub-Types (Gold / Bronze) and a 3-Day Free Trial

Showing Membership Options Page Variables with PHP

Specifying a future start date for a recurring subscription (aka Custom EOT)

by: Raam Dev
March 16, 2015

Restricting Content After the <!--more--> Tag

Troubleshooting the Pro Updater

by: Raam Dev
March 14, 2015